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General Info

  • Language available:Russian English Japanese

Business hours

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  • 09:00 – 22:00


  • The desire of MIKIMOTO’s founder to “adorn all women in the world with pearls” was not simply a wish to drape women in jewelry. Rather, he hoped to utilize the velvety shine unique to pearls to help women become beautiful. The beauty products formulated by MIKIMOTO COSMETICS are created by taking the legacy of the founder’s vision to heart.
  • Pearls have been loved as jewelry by women throughout the ages. But not a lot of people knew that pearls contain ingredients that protect the beauty of bare skin. This discovery was the beginning of MIKIMOTO COSMETICS.
  • Amino acid, collagen and minerals – are the 3 conceptual elements of MIKIMOTO COSMETICS that bring moisture and health to your skin.
    Combine with the cosmetic series you are already using for customized care, resulting in skin that is even more beautiful and radiant.
  • For Brastel Promotion readers – 2% discount for goods!

Recommendation of the house

    With a gentle feel on the skin, the high-performance skincare series acts as both moisturizer and lightener to both increase skin moisture and make it healthier. It works to perfect your overall skin health by eliminating the dryness that leads to dull skin and suppressing the melanin that leads to spots occurring deep in the skin.
    An air of beauty and mystery surrounds the black pearl, whose rich conchiolin proteins infuse luxurious Black Pearl products, bringing a firm elasticity and resilience to mature skin.
    The skin’s ability to reproduce necessary elements and regenerate cells deteriorates as the years pile on. A high-performance anti-aging care series restores the skin’s moisture and elasticity using original elements with pearl extract and leading edge technology. The products are gentle on the skin, while still giving you a positive skin feel and beautiful, pearl-like skin.
    This is a high-performance night cream which activates the skin functions that tend to deteriorate with age, and restore the skin’s moisture and elasticity. It does so by applying a dense supply of nutrients to the skin at night, when skin cell regeneration is most active. This cream is the pinnacle of our anti-aging skincare line, making opulent use of our original pearl components and leading edge technology.


For Tokyo and Kanto Region

Beauty Advisor: Romanova Tatiana

Tel: 090-6199-4712 ( Russian, English)
Email: tar4708@gmail.com  (Russian, English and Japanese)

For Kyoto and Kansai Region

Beauty Manager: Apoli Yulia
Tel: 090- 9699-6452 (Russian, English and Japanese)
Email: apoli9@docomo.ne.jp ; n_iulia@mail.ru (Russian, English and Japanese)
URL: http://sangyo.ooki-g.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MikimotoCosmetics.Russian

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