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Maria Fantasia

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General Info

  • Language available: Japanese Portuguese

Business hours

  • Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  • Mon – Sun: 12:00 – 19:00
  • Holidays: Open every day


  • Brazilian costume shop in Asakusabashi, Tokyo
  • Specialized in Brazilian Samba Carnival costumes
  • Rental service available
  • For Brastel Promotion readers: discount on the costume rental fee

Recommendation of the house

  • Custom made costumes
  • Brazilian-style bikinis and beach wear
  • Feathers, hats and accessories

Location and Contact

Address: 1F Murasaki Bldg., 2-7-1 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 090-3141-6626

050-6863-5230 (Toll free number for Brastel FLIP users)

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