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HUB Shin Urayasu

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General Info

  • Language available: Japanese, English
  • Menu: Japanese, English
  • Credit card: accepted

Business hours

Sunday – Thursday: 17:00 – 0:00
Friday – Saturday: 17:00 – 2:00
Holiday: Open every day


  • British pub in Shin Urayasu, Chiba
  • Hub is a perfect place to meet friends for a drink and enjoy an authentic British pub atmosphere
  • Party menu available
  • Happy hour: 17:00 – 19:00
  • Located at the B1 Floor of the Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay, 1-minute walk from Shin Urayasu JR station

Recommendation of the house

  • Fish & chips, Buffalo chicken wings, vegetable sticks, fried potatoes
  • Beers on tap: Hub ale, Kirin, Bass & pale ale, Guinness, various beer cocktails
  • Other drinks: whiskies, wines, sparkling wines, various spirits and cocktails

Location and Contact

Address: Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay B1F, 1-8-2 Mihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba
Tel: 047-381-5207
Site: http://www.pub-hub.com/index.php/shop/detail/11

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