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Fonda De La Madrugada

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General Info

  • Language available: English
  • Menu: English

Business hours

Sunday – Thursday: 17:30 – 26:00
Friday – Saturday: 17:30 – 29:00
Holiday: open every day


  • Fantastic Mexican traditional atmosphere!
  • Delicious food!
  • Open till morning!

Recommendation of the house

  • Guacamole (avocado sauce)
  • Ensalada de la casa (home-made salad)
  • Sopa de mariscos (seafood soup)
  • Camarones al tequila (shrimps in tequila sauce)
  • Enchiladas tricolor (stuffed tortillas with 3 color sauces)
  • Flan de la casa (home-made flan)

Customer Reviews

  • They’re a bit on the expensive side, and the interior resembles a theme park, but the musicians wandering among the tables add a festive atmosphere.
  • The location was a bit hard to tell although it’s not far from Shibuya st. Foods were good as an introduction to taste some traditional Mexican foods (chile ennogadas, guacamoles, tacos, etc). Most of the staff were latinos pumping up the exotic atmosphere :) But what I liked the most was that the live music they had. There was a Mexican band playing and singing around the table (song request available), was very nice and friendly.
  • I am a Mexican from Mexico City. This restaurant is the best Mexican food restaurant that you can find in all Asia. The food was excellent, just like in Mexico. And the lady owner in “La Fonda de la Madrugada” speak fluent spanish after she spend more than two years living in Mexico, and all the staff in the restaurant are Mexican, waitress, cook and the musicians. And the best part was that the day I was there at least was completely full of eaters, all of them were Japanese, except for me. The food was just like in Mexico, the tortillas were amazingly identical as in Mexico. and Chilly sauce were fresh and with good taste. the guacamole was fresh and smooth with a bit of lemon juice and chilly.

Location and Contact

Address: Villa Bianca B1, 2-33-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5410-6288
Site: http://www.fonda-m.com

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