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Bar Quest

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General Info

  • Language available: Japanese, English
  • Menu: Japanese, English

Business hours

Monday – Sunday: 19:00 – 7:00
Holiday: Open every day


  • Australian bar in Roppongi, Tokyo
  • Close to Roppongi station (exit 3)
  • Happy hour (18:00 – 22:00): all standard cocktails 500 yen, beer 700 yen
  • Friendly multi-lingual staff, big-screen TVs (displaying major sporting events), VIP lounge

Recommendation of the house

  • Draft beers (Carlsberg, Premium Malt’s, Guinness), and a large variety of bottled beers (Corona, Heineken, Bud, Asahi, Crown Lager, Coopers, Cascade, Foster, Stella Artois, Tooheys, Peroni, Tiger, Negra Modelo, Beck’s, Cannabia, VB, XXXX)
  • Cocktails (Sex on the beach, grasshoper, gin tonic, martini, bloody mary, moscow mule, cuba libre, tequila sunrise, etc.), whisky & brandy (Chivas, Glenfiddich, Jameson, Johnnie Walker Black Label, Jim Bean, Wild Turkey, Jack Daniels etc.), champagne (Beringer Rose, Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Perignon) etc.

Location and Contact

Address:Rene2 Bldg. 3F, 5-3-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5414-2225

Site: http://barquestroppongi.com/


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